Acteus operates in a safe and sustainable manner to meet the present and future needs of all stakeholders.

Our management believes that long-term value creation for our shareholders depends on the sustainability of our business and its impact on the communities in which we operate.

Regardless of social, economic or environmental responsibility, the Acteus’ Code of Conduct sets out the principles which guide the way Acteus operates its business in a sustainable manner.

Our environmental steps and awareness in business operations have awarded us the ISO 14001 certification as proof of our ambition for sustainable trade. 


The philosophy behind our business is to invest in raising the skills and competencies of our stakeholders in some of the regions where we are active. By spending time and energy doing so, we believe we are able to positively bring value to our customers while developing long term relationships with our local partners.

In line with our values, we have implemented our corporate social responsibility program, Acteus Smiles.


As members of the international community, it is our responsibility to drive economic sustainability and maintain a profitable business through effective and efficient means. However, as success is only meaningful and long-standing if it is shared, we aim to develop an innovative approach to bring value not only to our customers, but also to our partners.

We take pride in delivering great service to our customers, while building strong and fair supplier relationships.


Environmental sustainability is about eliminating or reducing any potential negative impact of our business on the natural environment. In our facilities we have set targets to rationalize our consumption of water and electricity as well as the volume of waste we produce.

Working closely with our suppliers, we focus on water, oil, energy and waste as part of efforts to reduce their impact on the environment.