Acteus has extensive experience in the management of storage and export packing services which constitute a key function in our global logistics network.

Acteus has a proven capability in materials management such as the operation of warehouse consolidation in several locations.

These warehouses are fully equipped to

  • Provide warehousing

  • Receiving & item checking

  • Visual inspection

  • Inventory management

  • Freight consolidation

  • Material handling & packing

  • Accurate documentation preparation

  • Organize on time delivery to clients' sites

Our facilities are designed to ensure a safe, secure, and efficient flow of materials throughout the operational process. Quality-controlled operating procedures govern all warehousing interface procedures.

Acteus recognizes that managing the interfaces between its transport activities and its warehouse receiving activities is a key success factor for any project.

A common set of procedures governing Quality, Health, Safety, Environment has therefore been implemented at each of our locations. This ensures delivery of the highest service levels to meet or exceed clients’ expectations and guarantee a successful execution of the undertaken tasks.