Logistics & Transportation

Through an extensive network of forwarding partners, Acteus is able to provide the most cost / time efficient method to deliver goods to the required destination.

It is a fact that is often overlooked - transportation and logistics costs are not fixed but variable costs. Via our broad network of transportation partners, Acteus strives to assist its customers in the ongoing goal of reducing those costs.

At Acteus, we constantly re-negotiate with our freight carriers and logistics service providers to avoid paying excessively high rates and by doing so we pass on the benefits of the actual market rates to our customers who do not need to worry about duplicated points of contacts.

By Sea

Acteus selects the ideal shipping and brokerage partners around the globe for each cargo requirement and destination.

Should it be LCL, FLC, break bulk or any other shipment mode, our logistics experts will find the most appropriate solutions and best shipping line.

By Air

Acteus’ seasoned expertise in shipping a wide range of goods via air freight has an advantage over other companies.

Whether it is a specific shipment that requires handling or express courier, Acteus is able to employ reliable and cost effective routes to get the goods to destination.

By Land

Acteus is able to offer a complete range of inland transportation services including full and partial truckload transportation, as well as expedited services.

Our global reach allows us to efficiently coordinate domestic transportation either at origin of shipment or at destination to provide a fully facilitated delivery to site.